On half-truths, fallacies and nuclear energy

I was a year old when then President Corazon Aquino mothballed the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) and I will not rally on the fact that some of my colleagues were veterans of the fight against nuclear energy. I am too engrossed on breastfeeding at that time and my realities are stuck inside my crib.

There are some consistent arguments, points, comments coming from individuals who is either pro or would like to strike conversations regarding the re-commissioning of BNPP would seem valid and real but some are plain stupid and reckless. I am not an expert of environmental cause and/or nuclear energy, and I will not preach on what is right and wrong, but I would like to comment on some of them as a young woman seeking truth in our current realities.

1. (let’s hide him in the guised of smart ass)

Smart Ass wrote:

(He quoted a press release from an environmental organization) “To prevent climate change we need a revolution in energy policy” (and he commented) Are you saying nuclear power affects climate change?

 My comment: deducing that the quoted text suggests that nuclear power affects climate change is simply wrong. The text simply means that we need to prioritize which energy policy to push through and from what energy sources. Cong. Mark Conjuangco wrote in his explanatory note on the House Bill No. 4631 that global warming and/or climate change is the “greatest threat and greatest challenge” suggesting that nuclear power is the alternative “clean power”. What the environmental organization is saying that our focus should not be swayed from real solutions to climate change and that is renewable and clean energy such as wind and solar energy. (period)

2. Direct quote from Cong. Mark Conjuangco’s house bill:

“The developed world, has realized more and more acutely, the impact of fossil fuel burning, most specially of coal, and CO2 emissions on global warming. They have come up with a system in the Tokyo Protocol by which the rich countries pay poorer ones a fee, to reduce or forego, carbon emissions.” (http://saguntostar.com/2008/09/25/cong-cojuangcos-introduction-of-house-bill-no-4631/)

I never heard of an international convention named TOKYO PROTOCOL, either he’s dyslexic or confused. What he probably means is KYOTO PROTOCOL. 

3. Taken from http://ionaks.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/33/

If you would read the whole article, you would sense tinge of sarcasm. But it’s just my perception on this note. But if I slice it a bit:
“Anyway, Mr. Cojuanco wants it this way, so that, he says, the FILIPINO PEOPLE CAN OWN THE PLANT. He justifies the surcharge by citing the big savings that he expects the Filipino people to enjoy once the plant is running and supplying “clean and cheap” power to everybody. Hmmm…. how benevolent, no?
What do you think? For as little as 30 pesos per month (depende na lang sa iyong lifestyle), you, my dear Filipino, can own your little slice of nuclear heaven that is BNPP!!!!!!! What an amazing prospect!!!!!! Game ka ba????? ”
I find this quite hilarious. Since when does the government favor public share or public ownership? Since the advent of privatization during Ramos’ time, almost all public utilities and buildings were sold to corporations or family dynasties. Why the sudden concern on every Juan?
(to be continued)


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