break-up makes the best of me :)

Recently, vanity is taking over. I have this sudden urge to look and feel better. A friend commented, “bet you’re going on a date”. Nah!

I wanted it for myself. Being in 2-year relationship made me realized I never really took care of myself. Never felt beautiful or wanted. Never really get much flattery. Most of the time, I felt like Plain Jane. I never felt the urgency to dress up or look better. In his terms, he wants me “seksik” (its a play of words, sexy and siksik). He said I might look for another man, if I decided to be sexier or prettier. WTF?!? He can’t seem to comprehend wanting to look better for one’s self.

Coming to terms now, I want to be spectacular. Haha.

So here’s a list of things I want to do when I get that salary (yeah, money can be a hindrance):

1. Nail Art. I’ve been growing my nails longer than I usually does. I saw this awesome photos of nail art and I want one for myself. I know, it’s weird, it’s expensive, the hell! I want it. I have to canvass how much it is first though. Might be too expensive :p I’m thrifty that way.

2. Bangs! I want a new haircut. To be honest, I’m afraid of salons. Whenever I sit to one them stool, and the hairdresser starts to ask questions, I repeatedly say “trim lang teh.” My hairstyle had been the same for the longest I remember. So now, I am trying to build enough confidence to go with that bangs. Please. Please. Please. Give me enough strength. Time to face my fears.

3. Vamp up my wardrobe. I’ve been trying not to wear my typical tees and venturing to more colors, accessories and blouses. I still love my tees as they are the most comfortable, but I think with maturity comes dresses and skirts, and high heels. (Yeah Right!) I’ve been rummaging through old stuff and been in and out of ukay-ukay. I am thinking of redesigning old jeans and shirts. Even thinking of doing a little funk’d your attire workshop with myself.

I want to add, exercise and diet to this equation, but that would demand a real lifestyle change so I would stick to this simple aesthetic changes. Hahaha.

Break-ups can really do wonders. Yey! Can’t wait.


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