sexting sexist sexuality

A friend after watching Dan Savage’s thoughts on the moral outrage against sexting, IM’d “ayaw ko ata magka sex tape” (translation: I don’t think I want to have my own sex tape). LOL.

But Dan made a strong point how the moral outrage against it is “outrageously sexist and generationally clueless”. As pointed out in my last post, if women expresses sexuality, in this case through text messages or worldwide web, it is considered as perversion. Young women are ostracized and degraded. Photos will automatically spread like wild fire. Videos uploaded/downloaded. Gossips are sonically reproduced. Dan’s words are “communal property”. Case in point in his discussion was, why is the girl who sends someone a photo of her “tits” the only one suspended while the entire school literally is a culprit to its proliferation. If the crime is spreading the photo, everyone should be penalized.

There is also, the yet again, generation gap issue. He said that the controversy around sexting is because of the generational paranoia where young people are doing things that older people did not experience in their own time i.e. Elvis Presley. Dan said that in the future everyone will have a sex tape (thus, my friend’s reaction) and it will be a non-issue (but really a non-issue to whom or for whom?). In this “exhibitionist culture”, everyone has a picture of something, “obscene” or not, in the web. But does it equate to young women being less deprived, more freedom to express sexuality, gender balance? Would focus on tits be less, and more cocks will be shown in the web? Will young women be able to transcend this generational gap of inequalities?

Dan Savage was able to put his cents worth in the whole issue of sexting. He has so many other things to say. I love hearing him say them. I hope to hear yours too.


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