can’t wait for Mr. October

Can August and September be much faster? I’ve been trying to kill time since May, not having money makes it a bum. But it’s good to have friends who know how to chill with little money. And thank god for Eiga Sai and Fifa World Cup 2010 (waka, waka, eh, eh)! It makes waiting bearable.

October be kind and come a little faster. I know it means that I have to work double time with assignments, papers and reports. The hell, I don’t mind! If it means, visa approved, all my luggage packed and ticket reserved. It is definitely worth it!

I’ve been browsing Mr. Google for hours, trying to get a glimpse of life ahead. Actually I’ve been browsing for a long time, imagining the apartment, the potential expenses, the neighborhood site. I told myself not to get excited. But who wouldn’t be? It’s a life away from home.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I love and will definitely miss my friends. I never imagined my life without all of them. But I wanted change. Not change to get away from them, but change to get away from what I am becoming.

Come to think of it, I’m more afraid of what I am not becoming 😦

So please Mr. October be nice and knock on my door.

I’ll be waiting.


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