learning japanese and other things

Watashi wa Joan desu.

I’m trying all sorts of online sessions on learning common Japanese phrases, from YouTube to private websites. Some of it I already know, some are tongue-twisters! The speaking part I can already pull off, but the reading, hayay!

I have 2 months to learn useful phrases and actually understand possible replies. I would also have to learn reading road signs, grocery labels, etc. The rest I will have to learn through experience. Does experience means getting lost in the train station because I took the wrong one? Yikes! But with my learning curve, I think I can actually survive (I think).

Wakaranai 😐

It’s also an advantage to have friends who actually passed the Nihongo aptitude exam, studies Nihongo (did not take the exam) and watch JDorama (myself included). Yay! I should ask them for a list I can bring with me. (Note to self: ask them :p) I should also have my little Jap blackbook (another note to self: buy one!) where I can doodle words I see on street.

*sigh* So many things to do, so little time. Anyhow, I have to make time 🙂

I have to start putting down these notes. Sooner or later I have to do them. For now, I’ve been doing things that pop first in my head. Thus, the seeming agitation. 2 months is a short time for planning and doing. It’s long for someone who’s waiting. That I am both. Add to that present responsibilities then it’s a compound of stress.

But I am still excited with the prospects of the future. Gambarimasu! Hayayay! 2 months, 2 months!

One step at a time. One step at a time. Relax Joan.

Tomorrow’s forecast: Joan will pay off her debts (a part of it, sorry kuya), will have a shiny set of teeth (thanks to my tita/dentist) and will have a new hairstyle (ten, my hair guru)! Can’t wait!


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