linguistic autopsy according to lorna israel

Lorna Israel is postmodern.

In one of our interesting conversations over Facebook. She mentioned her new discovery. She was reading Ilustrado by Miguel Sycujo when she encountered the word “autopsy”. She researched the term even though she knows what it means but she wanted to understand what it meant. She reread Ilustrado and captured and coined a new term, linguistic  autopsy.

I asked her, not in verbatim: “When you say linguistic autopsy, does it mean the language is dead or you simply study a language by adopting the process of autopsy?” Autopsy as the process. She said it was the process. She mentioned a line in the novel, “we have an ‘unlived life’ and life worth writing”. In a regular autopsy, it establishes the cause of death, in this case, she wanted to establish the cause of life. Life she said as it “enfolds in words, jokes, rumors”. She also said that we do linguistic autopsy when we speculate, similar to gossip, about major events in life. We make it alive because we laugh at it, we never stop gossiping about it. It is the cause of life because of this process, we keep an issue alive.

After that very brief conversation. We both agreed that Facebook is one of the biggest source of linguistic autopsy. All words that makes an event, emotions alive is present in that seemingly ‘innocent’ social networking sites. Then, the professor that she is, she told me “go live, love, laugh – for you will be remembered that way in death”, quoting a line in Shutter Island.


spontaneous thoughts [1]

It was an imagination
A lucrative perversion
A leap through time and space

3 August 2010 01:09 am


Suddenly felt so lonely while browsing through old photographs. Melancholic while reminiscing past that should be forgotten. Do I tell him I miss him? Or just continue letting time heal our pain?

3 August 2010 00:54 am


I want to occupy my mind so as not to think of you. Nor would I want to see images that would be a semblance of you.

16 July 2010 01:38am spontaneous

demoralized nation :(

I am starting to have mixed emotions towards the hostage taking incident last night. A demoralized police officer, trying to highlight claimed injustice. The evident lack of technological capacity of our Philippine National Police. There is the death of 8 HK nationals. There is the loss of income in the tourism industry because of the recent black outbound from HK to Philippines. And now there is news that Filipino migrant workers are starting to experience mistreatment from HK employers because they are Filipino.

I felt the frustration of dismissed (and now demised) Sr. Insp. Mendoza. The frustrations of trying to be true and honest in a corruptible society. Trying to look for justice in being falsely accused of a crime framed by criminals. He resorted into a very disappointing recourse. I don’t know if its valiance or stupidity.

The lack of technological capacity of the Philippine National Police to address incidents such as this is quite embarrassing. It was shown in national television and streamed in YouTube. I don’t know if it’s really the lack of technology or the sheer incompetence of the police force in general.

I feel for the family of  those who died during this seemingly senseless hijacking incident. To bluntly say, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean I don’t believe that Sr. Insp. Mendoza intended to hostage that particular bus. And I don’t believe that Gods run amok and chose them to journey in this gloomy fate. It’s just futile.

A Malaysian friend told me that his HK buddies are really angry with what happened. Well, it’s difficult to comfort a grieved nation. I would probably feel the same way too. But it was quite disappointing to hear that there is a black outbound from Hong Kong to Philippines. Flights were canceled and potential tourists are now discouraged to visit the country.

Can I just say that not all of us are terrorists. And not all of us have the tendency to hijacked and kidnapped foreign nationals. I am sure that Philippines is actually one of the safest place on Earth. Maybe I’m biased but shit happens but not all the time. And shit does not only happen in the Philippines. It happens everywhere.

I know. I know. It’s a precautionary measure to make sure that your citizens are all well protected. I commend you on that point. But can you make sure that our Filipino migrants are safe too? There are news going around that some Filipino domestic workers started to experience mistreatment (not maltreatment) from HK employers. I know they’re angry, I’m angry too but there’s no point diverting violence towards innocent people. It just doesn’t make sense. Your HK nationals were innocent so as our migrant workers! Are we doing justice for those who died by hurting those who didn’t perpetuate the incident? I don’t think so.

Anyway, I’m confused. I don’t know whether to feel angry, agitated, depressed or frustrated. I just know that what happened yesterday was completely wrong. Innocent people don’t deserve to die especially not under such circumstances. The Philippine nation doesn’t deserve another stereotype. HK-Philippine international relation should not suffer. And Filipino migrants should not be placed in the middle of all this problems (they have much problems of their own). But is it wrong to look for justice in what you believe in, whether armed or unarmed? I don’t know.

I collated some cents worth from friends:

“This isn’t just about lack of training and equipment or about the senseless death of innocent victims or the frustration of a man who feels falsely accused. This is also about how we make our system of government work.” -Golda

Let us all pray for the survivors, the departed, and their families. This is a truly sad day for everyone. But please don’t put your country down. Capt. Mendoza does not and should not define us as a nation. Let’s pray for a better Philippines.” – Rita

“I think that there’s a lot of Filipinos who do move and struggle to make this nation a better, stronger nation. We shouldn’t forget that. And if there is anything to be ashamed of in this story, I am ashamed that conditions in the Philippi…nes have left many Filipinos desperate, enough to eat papag, enough to risk death to find work, enough to leave their families so that they can simply survive. If there is anything to be ashamed of in this story, it is that the only solution the government has for poverty and high unemployment is to have its people leave the country for work abroad. And people who can’t afford to be a domestic worker / caregiver / entertainer / engineer / nurse / teacher abroad are left to crime or to starve slowly, day by day.” – Mel

besides the unglamorous sickness, this week is blessed :)

Will not put period in that statement yet. There’s still midterm exams tomorrow 😀

But thank you, thank you Universe for being so good to me 🙂

I asked Donna, a participant from a training I facilitated, if she likes Chocolatos. She’s from Indonesia, and most of the time, colleagues who visit Jakarta bring this as pasalubong. She said she doesn’t particularly like it but if I want to have some, meaning one box, she can ask her friend who’s coming in Manila this week. And voila! The friend did came, and she brought Chocolatos herself! And the catch is, I didn’t pay a cent. Donna said it’s her treat! Sweet! As sweet as the chocolate fillings of Chocolatos! Yum! Yum!

Then comes, Teh Tarik! Teh Tarik is common in both Malaysia and Singapore but it is mainly freshly brew, pulled milk tea. It is the closest I can get to Teh Ais or iced milk tea, actually it’s the same. Teehee. Cold&Hot. I asked Muffet, a friend now-working in Singapore, to buy me 2 packs. And she did. It was not free. But if you know Muffet, she’s not the type who will buy something for someone. Let alone something from a supermarket. Harhar. She bought my Aunt too, 3 packs of Super 3-1 Rich Coffee. :p

I was able to get hold of my certificate of eligibility. This is the first step into getting my Japanese Visa. This means easy processing at the Embassy. Woot! And it also means resident status in Japan. Yay! Mr. October, I’m almost there!

I have today all planned out, but nothing came into fruition. But in darkness came light, and ironically, that light was a government employee at Census. She’s the mother of grail. One flick of her wrist and swish of her pen, viola! Early release of my birth certificate, earlier issued to be release in September. Yay! I was so giggly while explaining to her why I desperately needed my birth certificate. And she was enthusiastic herself when I told her I got a scholarship. What a proud mama! And she’s not even mine! Hah! Can’t wait to get hold of my BC on August 20!

Today is Friday the 13th, but for some reason, luck and blessing is on my side. Teehee. According to Muffet, Today is a day of errors and blessings. She got passed immigration in a flash. Yay for this day! But, the big BUT, it’s not over yet.

It’s too early to put a period for this day. There’s still TGIF later tonight! Coffeebreak Island on the house! See you!

singing christmas carol while stuck in traffic

It’s just August but I felt the urge to sing Christmas carols while stuck in traffic last night. Late in the afternoon there was a heavy downpour. The major highway going to our house was flooded and vehicles (particularly small cars) were unable to cross. When the rain stopped, everyone was agitated to go home and was faced with the heavy traffic and minimal public transport. It was a total chaos. There was a diaspora of commuters beside the main highway, desperate to get home. Couples, laborers, working girls, students, you name it, they were there. And Christmas songs seem to be the best song to comfort their souls.

I was fortunate enough to hitched a ride with a neighbor. Being stuck already for two hours in a jeepney, fell asleep, woke up again. It was heaven when I saw his 4×4. It took us another 3 hours before arriving in our subdivision. Traffic jam was hell.

On a heavier note, I just came from a workshop earlier that day, it was on engendering climate justice. Talking about climate change and actually experiencing how existing developmental problems are exacerbated by it i.e. flooding due to nonfunctional sewerage systems and adverse weather events. Makes you wonder if our local and national government are really sincere in mitigating disasters or at least try to manage it.


Climate change is an irreversible effects of our addiction to carbon-intensive technologies. It is noble to say that each and everyone of us, in one way or another have contributed to this global crisis. But in a justice perspective, perpetrators are identified as Annex I countries or developed countries with big carbon-intensive industries. Non-Annex I countries such as the Philippines are rights-holders, who have little or minimal contribution to global warming.

But who suffers the most? It is us from the Global South. It us from least developed and developing countries who suffer the consequences of climate change.

It does not help that existing political systems lack the will to actually combat climate change. It is frustrating that environmental governance in the international, regional and national levels lack the urgency to act upon the issue in an equitable manner. It is enraging to realize that existing mechanisms framed to mitigate and adapt to climate change are offsetting tools and money-centered (Abba singing money, money, money). And it is depressing to think that the most vulnerable and the most impacted are those who did little about the problem.


It’s heavily raining again outside while I’m typing this. I hope that I won’t have the need to sing Christmas carols.

broken nail and new hairstyle

I never felt so agitated as I felt last Friday having half of my hair chopped off by the hair stylist. I was dreading the feeling but I have to move on and make that move. It was a good thing that, Ten, my #1 fan and the girl with the most avant-garde hairstyle among my friends, supported me the whole way. She literally sat at the chair next to me the whooole time :p

Ten is a supporter of anyone who wants to have a makeover. I asked her why; she said that it was a liberating experience. It requires too much from a person that, being there, supporting him/her is the best place to be. Thanks Ten!

Here is a bunch of pictures Ten took while I was semi-hyperventilating:

This is me, having protein treatment that didn’t really work (sucks!)

This is me with Raf, the hairstylist

Me again with Ten the paparazzi 🙂 (where is ten?)

The final look (well not so final since my natural hair is wavy, so use your imagination)

Whenever i see myself in the mirror, I still can’t believe that I really took the plunge and got my self a new do. I’m learning to love it. This past few days I seem to have the most superficial problem in the world. I am the least person you expect to have that. But since I am in a transition, an overhaul to be exact, I think it’s pretty normal. I’m no longer hyperventilating but I’m still weary sometimes (Lol, OA!)

This is the third day with the new do. I would have to admit, even though the style now is different from the picture above, a lot of people actually like it. Winner!

(Had a broken nail too, but I’m too fascinated with my new hair to care :p)