broken nail and new hairstyle

I never felt so agitated as I felt last Friday having half of my hair chopped off by the hair stylist. I was dreading the feeling but I have to move on and make that move. It was a good thing that, Ten, my #1 fan and the girl with the most avant-garde hairstyle among my friends, supported me the whole way. She literally sat at the chair next to me the whooole time :p

Ten is a supporter of anyone who wants to have a makeover. I asked her why; she said that it was a liberating experience. It requires too much from a person that, being there, supporting him/her is the best place to be. Thanks Ten!

Here is a bunch of pictures Ten took while I was semi-hyperventilating:

This is me, having protein treatment that didn’t really work (sucks!)

This is me with Raf, the hairstylist

Me again with Ten the paparazzi 🙂 (where is ten?)

The final look (well not so final since my natural hair is wavy, so use your imagination)

Whenever i see myself in the mirror, I still can’t believe that I really took the plunge and got my self a new do. I’m learning to love it. This past few days I seem to have the most superficial problem in the world. I am the least person you expect to have that. But since I am in a transition, an overhaul to be exact, I think it’s pretty normal. I’m no longer hyperventilating but I’m still weary sometimes (Lol, OA!)

This is the third day with the new do. I would have to admit, even though the style now is different from the picture above, a lot of people actually like it. Winner!

(Had a broken nail too, but I’m too fascinated with my new hair to care :p)


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