besides the unglamorous sickness, this week is blessed :)

Will not put period in that statement yet. There’s still midterm exams tomorrow 😀

But thank you, thank you Universe for being so good to me 🙂

I asked Donna, a participant from a training I facilitated, if she likes Chocolatos. She’s from Indonesia, and most of the time, colleagues who visit Jakarta bring this as pasalubong. She said she doesn’t particularly like it but if I want to have some, meaning one box, she can ask her friend who’s coming in Manila this week. And voila! The friend did came, and she brought Chocolatos herself! And the catch is, I didn’t pay a cent. Donna said it’s her treat! Sweet! As sweet as the chocolate fillings of Chocolatos! Yum! Yum!

Then comes, Teh Tarik! Teh Tarik is common in both Malaysia and Singapore but it is mainly freshly brew, pulled milk tea. It is the closest I can get to Teh Ais or iced milk tea, actually it’s the same. Teehee. Cold&Hot. I asked Muffet, a friend now-working in Singapore, to buy me 2 packs. And she did. It was not free. But if you know Muffet, she’s not the type who will buy something for someone. Let alone something from a supermarket. Harhar. She bought my Aunt too, 3 packs of Super 3-1 Rich Coffee. :p

I was able to get hold of my certificate of eligibility. This is the first step into getting my Japanese Visa. This means easy processing at the Embassy. Woot! And it also means resident status in Japan. Yay! Mr. October, I’m almost there!

I have today all planned out, but nothing came into fruition. But in darkness came light, and ironically, that light was a government employee at Census. She’s the mother of grail. One flick of her wrist and swish of her pen, viola! Early release of my birth certificate, earlier issued to be release in September. Yay! I was so giggly while explaining to her why I desperately needed my birth certificate. And she was enthusiastic herself when I told her I got a scholarship. What a proud mama! And she’s not even mine! Hah! Can’t wait to get hold of my BC on August 20!

Today is Friday the 13th, but for some reason, luck and blessing is on my side. Teehee. According to Muffet, Today is a day of errors and blessings. She got passed immigration in a flash. Yay for this day! But, the big BUT, it’s not over yet.

It’s too early to put a period for this day. There’s still TGIF later tonight! Coffeebreak Island on the house! See you!


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