22 days to go :)

I have been leisurely doing nothing for almost two weeks. Blame it on holidays! Almost 2 weeks of no grad classes, no laptop and no work. Well, other than the holidays, I’ve been procrastinating really (there I admitted it!).

But keeping tabs of the remaining days of September, I can’t help but feel the urge to write about it. And yes, finish my research papers and pending submissions for work too.

Let’s start with 1st week of September. I volunteered as a facilitator in one of Greenpeace’s training. Having worked for the organization for more or less 4 years, I can say that I am eligible to train new volunteers. It was uneventful at first. I was expecting more initiative from the participants but gotten none. But at the end of the training, I saw what the group was made of. They were actually different from the previous batches I helped trained. This group is very conservative to say the least. Afraid probably of the unknown consequences of activism. Most are concerned with arrest, which one of the facilitator explained to be the least of our concern. (I always say to self, problems of the environment is bigger than I am or bigger than my own personal problems). But at the end of the training, I appreciated their initial apprehension. It makes them human. Seeing their passion and commitment (which I hope will last longer than the other new volunteers that remained new volunteers), I have high hopes that this group will be very proactive in the movement. Yay!

In that same week, I was struck by a weird news. It was quite expected but still weird. Two of my exes are getting married. They had their pre-nuptial photoshoot last Sunday. At first I felt numb, then I felt “forgotten”. Muffet told me that I was over-acting but she also said that they should have acknowledged my role as a big “stepping stone” in their relationship. I don’t want to be conceited but it’s true. But what I really needed is closure. She laughed her ass out when i said this. According to her, for someone who’s so good in breaking up should be expert with closure. But in reality, I have closure but “we” didn’t.

Anyway, before I get too melodramatic, let’s move on to this week.

Monday was pretty bland. I had my much needed rest after a long weekend of physical and mental training. I discovered that I had allergies from god knows what. Tuesday morning and afternoon, it was same same. But in the evening, my aunt booked me a flight. Yay! Woot! Woot! This morning HP Service Center contacted me to say that my laptop is well and good. They already replaced my LCD and cleaned up the fan. I also had this feeling that the service guy likes me. Haha. That’s just my exaggerated imagination! A girl can dream right? All in all half the week had been plain but not uneventful.

22 days to go! And as I posted last July, I should have learned some Nihongo but didn’t. All I did was watched J-Doramas like Hana Yori Dango, Densho Otoku, etc. Haha. Not much learning there, more like entertainment. At least I already have a ticket, a suite case half full (or half empty) and a list of what to bring (not printed yet). 8 days had passed and October 1 seem to be just around the corner. I don’t really know what to expect or feel. Yay!


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