too lazy to pack (9 days to go)

Not that I’m really lazy, I’m already half-packed mind you! But there’s too much stuff I want to bring, I don’t know how to pack them properly.

Staying in a foreign land with limited allowance requires bringing every essential clothes, shoes, bags and toiletries. I know! Toiletries too?!? Yes, it’s a sad fact that Japan may not carry the brands I use, and I have no inkling whatsoever to change it. I would bring 2 months supplies of my own soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, scrub, toothbrush and moisturizer. This would take much space in my luggage but I don’t care. I hope my mom will keep her promise of sending “goodie” packs every quarter. Hihi.

Clothes, shoes and bags are essential. Being thrifty means only acquiring “life and death” necessities. I’m actually dreading the fact of 1 year of no ukay-ukay. Ukay-ukay = heaven; no ukay=hell. I’ve heard of stories of how expensive it is. I remember Terashima saying that prices in Japan are triple! Wah! Winter clothes already occupy 1/3 of my luggage! And I will still need to acquire necessary head gears! Alma, a colleague going with me in this training program, was flabbergasted when I told her I will bring 10 pairs of footwear. Lol! I keep reiterating to people that I don’t have extra cash to buy new stuff. It’s pathetic enough how half of my stipend will go to rent and utilities!

Anyhow, enough about packing. Here are some shiznitz I did over the last few days:

1. Just finished watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series. I was hooked! I daydreamed to be a water bender. Bitoy, my cousin, invented a new bending strategy. Genital Bending! Lol! It’s funny if you see him in action. For a review on the series, read Chico Garcia’s blog on Strangefruit.

*image from The Comics Journal

2. Explored Prado Farm. It’s good to have connections! Prado Farm practices bio-dynamic farming in Lubao, Pampanga. Biodynamic farming requires harnessing the balance and interrelationship of the soil, organisms and plants that lives in a particular ecosystem. It is similar to organic farming but it utilizes a more traditional but modern approach to agriculture. Prado Farm is one of the few farms in the Philippines that practices this method.

3. Reimon Gutierrez Architectural Splendor. The Ocampo-Gutierrez residential community houses several architectural designs of Reimon Gutierrez. Although not yet open to the public, we had the rare opportunity to be toured in the area. Reimon, our gracious host, explained that one part of the land will be a bed&breakfast boutique (still under reconstruction) and will be open late this year. Reimon’s design is as organic as his farming. Utilizing Pinoy ingenuity mixed with modern artifacts. The sight was amazing. Before leaving their home, I asked Reimon if I can live there someday, and he gladly said yes! Haha! (Adjacent to the area is the Prado Farm, also owned and managed by Ocampo-Gutierrez)

4. Dinner + Videoke with High School Friends. It’s the first time since time immemorial that our group has been complete. The Foursome wholesome! Dinner in CPK and videoke in World Music (boo for bad service)!


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