Zachary Levi a.k.a. Chuck Bartowski Sings!

You know how fans tend to have fanfic of their idols, well, I hope of meeting Zachary Levi in person and tell him how fantastic he is. Hah! No, i don’t daydream of ever getting married to him, have children and live happily ever after! I just want to accidentally meet him in one of my travels, get acquainted, have some drinks and have one of the best times of my life.

Pretty simple. Almost possible.

In one of my stalking incidents I stumble upon this music video of Zach singing with Katharine McPhee. Nothing fancy but I never thought, not once in my imagination, that Zach can sing. Not bad! Would he be venturing to a career in the music industry? Haha! I hope not! He’s better suited to be Chuck.


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