Date with Panther :)

My weekend was dampened by the rain and the grueling final exam due today. I stayed inside the apartment, restless, tired, with no chair. (I should probably buy one of those comfy floor chairs I saw in ACTA earlier.) So today, I decided to roam around the city. The weather is perfect, my assignments half done, what better way to spend the day than having a nice date with Panther.

By 2pm, I was off to Tokojin Temple, dependable Panther carried all my weight.  I double checked the direction via Google Maps, just in case. It was the same road as the college, so no way I would get lost. I don’t have any expectations from this trip, I just wanted a reason to go out. I parked Panther in one of those bike parking space, made sure I secured him properly. And I bid him goodbye. I walked a bit uphill (heh :p) because bikes are not allowed inside.

Tokoji or Eastern Light Temple was derived from the Paradise of the Buddha of Medicine, from where light emits in the direction of east. But the temple is popularly called Mondo Yakujin Temple because it has been famous for the benevolence of  Yakujin Buddha, who drives away evils. Yaku is the wisdom of ancestors to address the turning points of our life.“Yaku” means misfortune in the Japanese language and represents suffering and disaster. When our life is observed, we see certain turning points that result in a variety of physical, mental and social changes. At the same time, it gives us an opportunity to recharge life energy, to prepare for further development, and to reflect on what we have done in the past with mental composure. Taking this into account, the idea of Yaku is the wisdom our ancestors intuited. Yaku gives us a chance to reflect back on the life we have lead in the past.


Even if it was a Monday, there were handful of visitors to the temple but of course I was the only foreigner. As a souvenir, I bought something for household safety and for travelling (this one is for Panther). It took me some time to get the right “amulet” because of language barrier. Hehe 🙂 But I felt better after having it, I may not be a Buddhist  but I respect their religion and beliefs. I stayed for an hour inside, passing each and every halls and shrines, paying my respect and asking for blessings.

The tourist that I am. I camwhored a bit just to prove that I was indeed there. Here is a photo of me trying to get the right angle. :p

I went back to where Panther was waiting and took this picture:

That’s me riding Panther (doesn’t sound right) and here is Panther carrying all my stuff 🙂

After Tokojin Temple, I went straight to school to check if the assignment question was already posted. Too bad it wasn’t there so Panther and I headed to another destination – Nishinomiya Kitaguchi. We encountered a bit of an accident when I tried to go in the pedestrian lane and mistook the pavement to be leveled. I almost fell off Panther but was lucky that I didn’t. But I broke my sandals. Boohoo. Good thing there was no car in site when that happened or else. Whew! Lucky, lucky, lucky.

When I was heading towards Kitaguchi, I took a wrong turn (again!) and was lost for a while. But I continued traversing the roads as if I really knew the way. Good thing my sense of direction was not completely flawed because I did arrived in Kitaguchi. Hehehe. I parked Panther across ACTA Mall, said goodbye, yet again.

I was supposed to go to the library in ACTA mall but went straight instead to the 100 yen store. I needed Mighty Bond! But 100 Yen store is super love and I can’t help but buy more that what I needed :p  I discovered that there was a bigger one just below the station so I went there too. Let’s just say I spent more than necessary. Hihihi. I thought of going around more but realized that it was dinner soon, so I headed back where Panther was waiting.

I thought I went to the wrong parking space because Panther wasn’t there. I tried to remember where I left Panther but I knew that it was that spot. I started panicking, cursing to myself. I tried to look for a security personnel but there was none. I was thinking how much Panther cost (priceless), what to do, who to call (I don’t have a phone) while trying to calm myself down. I started to lose all hope when I saw Panther parked in a different space! Whew! Thank God/Buddha/Allah! But the challenge was not done, Panther was parked in one of them automatic bike-lock structure. I have no idea how to take that cuffs away. I panicked again. But the parking area was deserted, almost! I saw this woman walking towards one of the bikes parked. I shouted “Sumimasen!” and started fumbling out words, explaining what I need her to do. She gladly obliged and assisted me of getting Panther back. Hallelujah! I couldn’t thank that lady enough, I kept bowing saying “Arigato! Arigato!”.

Super stress!

The date was mostly a disaster. It was mostly, no, all of it were my fault. I have been careless this past few days, leaving stuff in the street, leaving my luggage inside the airport. But I was glad, and I am still glad that nothing happened to me and to Panther. It was not a complete disaster after all. We were able to visit the Tokojin temple and it was Panther’s first time in Kitaguchi. Yey! But I promised to make it up with him. I will plan a better adventure for us!


P.S.:I pedaled my way back to the apartment, and of course, was lost again. Something is definitely wrong. 😐


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