times like this makes writing a necessity

I’m alone in my apartment listening to 50 First Dates soundtrack. I found myself crying for nothing. Ever since I arrived here, there are moments of sudden sadness, striking in the most unconventional circumstances. I don’t know what to make of it.

Today wasn’t necessarily bad. It was quite a nice day (to put it simply). I went to school, biked around town, paid my bills, cooked dinner, typed my assignment and suddenly *BOOM* instant loneliness.

I don’t like dwelling on emotions, particularly ones that I can’t understand (or don’t want to understand).

Maybe it was biking along the river that made me so melancholic. *Sigh*


12 thoughts on “times like this makes writing a necessity

  1. I haven’t written anything personal for quite sometime now. oo nga, in your circumstance, writing is a necessity. I guess that’s home sickness. not sure if it’s the same, pero kahit nasa bahay na ako, basta mag-isa ako, may point na na-h-‘home’ sick ako… it’s not the place eh, it’s the missing people that triggers it. like, you’re expecting that someone familiar will drop by anytime but suddenly, you’ll subconsciously realize na hindi sila dadating. (sorry, I might not be helping. I need to share though)

    1. yes, probably it missing having people around me 🙂 i’m used to having a lot of them, lalo na sa bahay (though most of the time naiirita ako sa kanila :p)… homesickness! gosh! i’m not just missing people too, i’m missing important events like your wedding… hahaha! hay guiller 🙂 congrats pala in advance!

  2. Hello. I am from India. Name is vijay and I am a great admirer of Japan. I love your culture and your traditions. I keep reading Zen. Anyway, why are you sad? Are you away from your family and parents? I get that sad feeling sometimes. When someone is sad I feel sad. But at such times i think of my good friends and family. Then you don’t feel lonely anymore. BUT what a lovely culture and tradition you have.

    1. homesickness? hahaha! and i’m not from Japan 🙂 I’m from the Philippines 🙂 I just recently transferred for grad school… but Japan really have a lovely culture and tradition… nice food too! 🙂

    1. it might be credited as a double major, we’re just waiting for the approval of the Japanese government… right now, my grad program is under the Philippines, I’m basically on leave at the same time representing my college 🙂

  3. sister, its pretty common to feel that way especially if your’e used to having people around you (all the time). in case you feel sad again, call or send us an email. you know were only a buzz away. or you could always start making your own family (circle of friends, i mean :P). give yourself time and im sure you’ll have your own group and you wouldn’t be missing us as much. take care always.

    1. oi drama ka, dapat ako lang nag-eemote eh… 🙂 i know this feeling will pass 🙂 don’t worry… kailangan ko lang alak at sayaw :))

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