On cold weather and precious gems

I’ve been meaning to write for these past few days, but it seems I’m out of words. Every time I tried to construct something meaningful, no words come out of my fingers, as if stuck with the numbness of cold.

After two days of continuous rain, the weather abruptly changed. The weather now, as Japanese would say: “Samui desu ne?” or “It’s cold, isn’t?”. And it’s not even winter yet. I was biking earlier and I need to stop to a 100 yen shop just to buy two pairs of gloves just to survive the day. Just imagine biking against the wind, my nose and my hands were freezing! Gggggrrrrr. I suddenly miss the warm 26-28 degrees Celsius Philippine weather 😦

Going back to the topic at hand, I can’t seem to write anything. Well, I am writing now (I know that!), however, thoughts running through my mind seem to be indescribable that written words is not enough to describe it (or I just don’t know how to write really).

A lot happened over the weekend. A good finale (if I might say) to the first month I’ve been here in Japan. (Wow! It’s almost a month!)In this past few weeks,  I’ve experienced things that I never thought I would do, ever.  I met several interesting and unique people. I went to places I used to Google. I’ve done things unimaginable. And I accumulated several knowledge I was ignorant about. To sum it up, my first month was really packed (sorry for the lack of right terms). But somehow, this particular weekend will be stuck in my mind, kept in the lockers of memories to be cherished forever.

It was simply amazing 🙂 It was more than what I expected. And it was more than what I readied myself for. Losing in your own game can be frustrating sometimes, but in this particular play, losing just means gaining something else in return. In this case, I gained an island’s gem.

This gem, although crude and tarnished, is rare and precious. It hails from an island, where its form is molded by the roughness of the seas and its core solidified by the blaze of the sun. It looks simple yet poignant, compact but vulnerable. It is something you want to keep forever, and also something you want to share to the world. It is indeed a treasure.

But this gem I need to let go. For time and distance pushes me to return it to its rightful place. It is not mine to keep. But only mine to remember.

I hope that it will not just be memories though 😦 It would seem like shooting arrows in blindfolds, but I truly hope that fate will work its powers to summon destiny. I would hope to have that gem in my palms again, hold and caress it as one would to its valuable fortune. Have it beside me at all times, embracing my neck where it would be near my heart.

“This destiny I will burn in my heart. Fate will be my goal, for this fate I will pursue until my last breath. No matter how hard it takes. I would bet my life up on it.”


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