10 Most Important Things

I’ve noticed that I dwell too much on my emotions that tends to make me exhausted, tired and redundant. When I say emotions, I mean love, loneliness, melancholy, fear, frustrations, hate. It’s not always a bad thing. Funny things is, I write better when “emotional”. However,I put too much energy into writing, thinking and singing about it that sometimes it can literally makes me cry. Counter-productive right? So now I am embarking in a new project inspired by Keri Smith‘s blog entry on 100 ideas.

I know how she feels about someone recreating her art. But I promise to make it my own. We are not the same person so it would be near impossible to be Keri Smith. I would be my self. And myself should reverberate in my work.

1.List your ten most important things, (not including animals or people.)

In no particular order, my ten most important things (that doesn’t include pet or people) are: dancing, music, sun/warmth, sustainable development, my alien registration card, fiber supplements, my house keys, my laptop and internet connection, panther my bike and having alternatives or choices.

It was actually difficult choosing what’s important to me. When the word “important” is talked about or discussed, more often names of people come up first. It took me whole day to finalize this list. To make it easier, I thought of important things as to what I have emotional attachment with, having practical use in my daily and concepts that I adhere, belief or live by. Most of what I listed are based on my context. If I’m not here in Japan, I would have no bike (since it is near impossible to cycle around the Philippines without getting hit by cars or suffocated by air pollution), I wouldn’t need a house key (our house is practically open 24/7) and I don’t have to walk around being an alien with an identification. Haha.

The other seven I listed are practically everything that’s important to me wherever and whenever. It’s my essentials. It’s both my needs and wants. I don’t think I can live without these things, well maybe the laptop and internet connection I can live without (sometimes :p). And also my fiber supplement, there are alternatives I know. But like music and dancing, it’s so much a part of me, that without it, life (cliche as it may seem) would be meaningless. Same with alternatives. I am fortunate to live in a time where alternatives are abundant, and I a more fortunate to have the capacity to choose (I know not everyone has the same freedom). Importantly, I appreciate the presence and warmth of the sun. It would be winter soon, and I am truly dreading it. I know how the sun doesn’t really disappear in winter (hahaha) but the thought of not feeling its warmth makes me one to go home and appreciate the hot sweaty Manila. Sustainable development! I just don’t want a sustainable future but I aspire for green revolution. It is quest I would pursue, hopefully not forever.

So there. That’s my 10 most important things. I am proud of myself in actually taking the time to list them down (although I want to add more) but these ten I think best represent the present “me”.

So what’s your 10 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS?


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