My Japanese Food Attempts!

Living in a household were one usually cooks for you, I never really learn how to cook except for instant noodles.

At present, I’m living with myself overseas. Food is easy to come by but the thing is, it’s too expensive. Takai desu! Unless, I am in a splurging-mood, I wouldn’t dare eat outside. So on my first day, I bought my self a non-stick frying pan and all-around pot.

Whenever I cook here, well it is edible (thank god!), but most of it are invented. I don’t follow a particular recipe (because really I don’t know how). I will buy ingredients that I eat, usually ingredients that can also be found in my country. Whisk the pan with oil, saute garlic or onions, put meat add Kikkoman. Sometimes I add parsley or sugar, depends on my mood. Viola, food! Sometimes, I depend on the ever reliable fried food, chicken, pork, fish, shrimp, what have you. When I am not too lazy, I cook food with tomato sauce, vegetables, sometimes I make breaded stuff (just to make frying more complicated). I never really learn to perfect my rice. But I live with it.

Obviously, I don’t really know how to cook.

My first month here is a Kikkoman-filled diet.

Realizing how bad I am in cooking. I decided to learn some basic Japanese food. Haha! The irony! I think Japanese food is one of the most disciplined food in terms of preparations and cooking. Dame desu! But what the hell! So I did try, and the results? Well, not bad!  I didn’t die of food poisoning, that’s one, and it was quite oishi for my taste.

So here are some pictures of what I tried so far.

This is my first okonomiyaki attempt. Okonomiyaki is what they call as Japanese pizza. But rather than having toppings, it actually looks more like an omelette or a pancake because you have to mix your choice of ingredients with flour and egg.

The difficult part in cooking okonomiyaki, besides the tedious preparation, is flipping the thing! If you noticed in the photograph, I miscalculated and the edge of the pie, well, it didn’t flipped right. Oh well! But it tasted so great. Or was it because of the sauce? But anyway, I tried it again and this time, smaller proportions, and the results were better.

My second attempt to cooking Japanese food, was just today. I cooked gyoza. But this one is not the traditional Japanese gyoza. I would say this is more Filipino style because the meat outweighed the vegetables. Hihihi. The picture would suggest that it is oily, well it is. ( I think I have to buy a strainer) You have to cooked the dumpling with broth and 5 tablespoon of oil. Wait until the broth evaporated and fry the dumpling until it’s a bit golden. With 5 tablespoon of oil, it would definitely be oily. But it tasted so much what my aunt usually make. I love it! Too bad there’s no calamansi here to make the dip perfect. I have to make do with Kikkoman (yet again!) and garlic lemon powder.

So there, I would say that being here for almost 3 months, I learn some culture. Well, more like, Japanese cooking. I would still like to learn how to make maki and sushi. But I have to wait until I perfect cooking my rice. You see, I don’t use rice cooker, I am doing the traditional way so it is a bit more difficult. Haha. I am defending my lack of skills here. But one day, you will just see in this blog, that I did. Yey!


For recipe on the following, please follow the links below (more professional):


2 thoughts on “My Japanese Food Attempts!

    1. harhar, but it was too oily… almost gave me a hard attack! lol! but thanks!

      saw your site, i will try some of your recipe soon and will give you feedback 🙂

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