Luminarie: Kobe City’s Light Festival

Even though we knew that it was the last day of the Luminarie yesterday, we decided to battle through throngs of crowd just to see the magnificent lights at night. If Japanese were not so orderly, I bet that amount of crowd can easily turn into a mob. Or worst yet, a big stampede might happen. Good thing, public order was ensure. In my perception, sometimes Japanese are too orderly. Lol!

Luminarie is an annual event to commemorate the Great Hanshin Earthquake. The first lighting event happened 15 years ago, when the Italian Government donated the lights to Kobe City. Valerio Festi, an Italian art director together with Hirokazu Imaoka produced the installation. It was said that all bulbs were hand-painted. Sugoi!

This is me with my super happy face. I really enjoyed viewing the lights. I wished I stayed longer though. But it was time well spent. I enjoyed it with new and old friends. We camwhored a bit. I remember just looking at other people’s photos of this event, now I have my own. Hihihi.


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