Tonight I Started Dreaming Again

I had been dreaming for almost three months. It was the most incredible dream ever. Stories were so vivid that every moment is etched in my mind even after I woke up. I nurtured this dream as one would to flawlessly live in a fantasy of ever after.

But one morning I woke up and realized that all those dreams faded in my memory. I cried all morning, asked myself how I can lose something so precious. Days past and still dreams vanished as if it never really happened.

I tried to ignore my dreamless nights. But darkness started slithering its way into my shallow, almost impassive mind. With darkness came fear and with fear, nightmares. My once beautiful happily ever after turned into an abyss of hopelessness and apprehension.

It became worst. Nights started to become a battlefield between good and evil, tormenting both my conscious and unconscious minds. It was the most horrible thing. I tried to cry myself to sleep. But it seemed sleep was not with my side too.

One night, I just gave up. I let everything go. Trying to restore my blissful imaginings was becoming a task, a burden that yielded more weariness. “Just let go”, I told myself. And I did. That night, I fell asleep.

The next morning, I was awakened by sunlight streaming into my windows. I got up from my bed, pulled the curtains aside and adjusted my eyes to the blinding lights outside. As my vision became clearer, the scene before me started to unfold. I never realized that outside my bedroom is a panoramic view of the calm, glimmering sea.

Right there and then, I thought to myself, I never really stopped dreaming. Life is a dream within a dream. This magnificent site before me is a testament that reality is not just mere fantasy. It is just the way you view your life. It is the way you perceive every moment.

Those three months I thought was my imagination is my life. I did not have enough faith to accept that such beautiful things does exist making trails for nightmares to thrive. But by recognizing dreams as our reality we become more courageous. Because dreaming means allowing ourselves to submerge into pools of youthful meanderings and making it come true. It means persevering against nightmares treating it as mere hurdles for us to triumph upon. And it also means believing again in happily ever after, knowing that it does not end there.

Tonight, I am happy to say, I started dreaming again.