On Reeds, Birthdays and White Valentine’s

The child in me loves February. Not because it is the Valentine’s season but because February is my birth month. I love celebrating the day my mom, after two Cesarean sections, had her third and last. I love the anticipation of not gifts but greetings from family and friends. I love the feeling that for one day, I am special to everyone. And I actually love the fact that I get older and maybe smarter with a year added to my age.

This month I turned 26. I actually stopped counting after my 21st, but now I am acknowledging my step away from quarter life. It is, for me, a year to think and decide. Maybe plan and actualize too. It is a new phase where decisions will be made and  milestones be marked. This year in particular, as I declared, the year I will make things happen.

To end February right, here are my month in pictures:

My first White Valentine in a country that celebrates love but somehow has difficulty expressing it.

My Surprise Birthday Pizza-La :p

First Valentine’s Cake I designed :p

Fuji-yama in my window ❤

Reeds are Alive in Miyagi Prefecture

Traditional Onsen Dinner



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