Online Drinking Session: #40 in the 60 New Adventures for the Bored

Exactly at this time, I’m having a drinking session with my college friends (if I have to put a label on them). This is exactly what I have been missing here in Japan, from the most nonsensical to the most intellectual conversations. They can sing with Katy Perry and discuss about political construction of sexuality without batting any eyelash. I love this group of people, as I can say whatever I want and not be judged at all.

Listening to Bob Marley now while talking about going to the beach. I really love this people. I miss you all! This has been the happiest and loneliest thing I’ve ever done. Hahahaha!


Popin’ Cookin’: #12 of the 60 New Adventures for the Bored

I started the second task on my list of 60 New Adventures for the Bored today. With the help of my fellow bored friend, Jenna, we embarked on a journey that can be tagged as genuinely Japanese.

It is not actually a real adventure, more like venturing towards a rather ridiculous Japanese children’s past time. To make eating sweets educational and fun, an innovator created Popin’ Cookin. It is a DIY candy kit that will make Home Economics easy.

My curiosity with Popin’ Cookin’ started when one of my friend requested that I take some home during the break. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so since I read the message when I was already back here. I watched the link he gave me, and was fascinated about this miniature, candy-mixing kit. Fortunately, the supermarket near my apartment sells this brand. And it’s pretty cheap. So off I go with my partner in boredom.

Here’s a video of our grueling task:

I still recommend that you guys try this out. It is quite stressful but with the right people, it can be fun as hell!

Happy Earth Day!

This post got nothing to do with Earth Day. But just a trivia, Earth Day is a global celebration of the evolution of environmental consciousness. It sprung from the idea that with heightened public participation in political arena (anti-war sentiments), environmental preservation and conservation can be mainstreamed too in the international agenda.

So enough about Earth Day. I forgot, it is also Good Friday for us Catholics, long vacation for some. But since I’m here in Japan, it’s just any other day. But I’m doing my part, I may not be technically a practicing Catholic, but this Holy Week, I decided to lose meat for a week. Traditionally, its only in Good Friday that you’re supposed to fast (that’s my family’s tradition). So committing for a week without meat is actually a tough decision for me.

As long term commitment too, I decided to list 60 new things I should do while I’m here. You may call it boredom, depression or excuse. But for me, making this list will somehow save my soul. I’ve been in the ruts for these past few months, refusing to go out, staying at my lowly apartment everyday, starting a fight with my boyfriend, not communicating with my friends and crying for no real reasons.

I still have 162 days in Japan. So 60 items in the list is actually possible. Some are actually pending plans. Things that I kept postponing because… actually, there’s no reasons! Haha! So here is my 60 New Adventures.


  1. Go to Denden Town
  2. Go to Koshienhama by bike
  3. Go to Sake Brewery Museum
  4. Try a new restaurant
  5. No Facebook for one day (I know! Only 1 day! I’m that pathetic)
  6. Go to Nara-koen
  7. Plant and maintain a mini-garden
  8. Eat vegetables for a week
  9. Learn a new Japanese meal
  10. Drink beer in a bar (I don’t have nightlife here)
  11. Make an art project for a week
  12. Try Popin Cookin and video it
  13. Make a scrap book
  14. Write a letter to a complete stranger and drop it in their mailbox
  15. Send postcard to a family member
  16. Send postcard to at least 5 friends: Sent 3 Cards, 2 more!
  17. Don’t smoke for one whole day
  18. Read a book in a park
  19. Borrow 2 books in the library and finish it in a week
  20. Go to Tokyo
  21. Sit in a park, list all people who pass by and rate them
  22. Go on a dice tour. Leave the house without any money and single dice. Walk straight ahead and at every junction throw a dice. 1 or 3 go right. 2 or 4 go left, 5 or 6 go straight. Do this for an hour or two.
  23. Say yes to any question any person will ask me.
  24. Give some old clothes a new life. DIY!
  25. Write a letter to someone using cut-out letters. And mail it!
  26. Post 20 “I think your bike is hot” to 20 random coolest, hottest bikes I see around. Take a photo and blog about it.
  27. Go on an alphabet walk. Pick a letter of the alphabet and find as many things as I can that begin with that letter. Or, try to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.
  28. Watch a new movie in Gardens
  29. Buy a puzzle, and finish it in one sitting
  30. Treat yourself with an aromatherapy bath
  31. Go for an exhibition
  32. Listen to podcasts for a day
  33. Go to Infiorata (April 29 – May 1)
  34. Do yoga
  35. Eat lunch in a park
  36. Bike to Shukugawa
  37. Bike to Tarakazuka
  38. Sound trip outside the house
  39. Order Pizza for myself
  40. Schedule an online drinking session with one of my friends
  41. Picnic with friends
  42. Re-learn cartwheel
  43. Attend church, even once
  44. Make my own coloring book and color them
  45. Wear a dress to school
  46. Seriously learn Pidjin
  47. No rice for a week
  48. Write a thank you note to 5 people, either email or snail mail
  49. Perfect 5 origami
  50. Go out and buy something ultra sexy for myself (for future use :p )
  51. Continue saving for my Solomon Island visit
  52. Start saving for TUITION FEE! Goal: 40,000 Yen! (It pays to be on scholarship :p )
  53. Learn a breathing exercise
  54. Learn a new dance move
  55. Say “THANK YOU” to all things that I am thankful for every night.
  56. Randomly message someone online, and compliment them (20 times)
  57. Fashion a different hairstyle for a day (twice)
  58. Watch a concert, gig, play, etc.
  59. Leave inspirational messages (in Japanese) on books in the library
  60. Play outside

Every task done, I will blog here. Gambarimashoo!

Note: Laughing out loud here, I blog for myself. That’s hilarious :p

as soon as the first petal falls

It seems that as fast as cherry blossom blooms comes the dreadful raindrops. I am not a fan of rain. Least to say, rainy weather makes me lonesome. Sometimes I really do wonder when spring will really come.

Starting tomorrow I would start counting days. Days left before my real departure from this country. Don’t confuse my words, Japan has been an interesting travail. It has been so far the longest time I’ve been to a foreign country. But somehow my feelings are that I’m stuck. My mind flows from one time warp to another. But my body physically limited to this small space.

People give advise of travelling far. I would love to, really I would. There is more to be witnessed in this part of the world. I haven’t even been to Tokyo! (What a travesty! LOL!) Just imagine that. But for some reason, I cannot settle both my feet down knowing that I will leave in just a few months. My feet are itching to explore, but somehow, not this country. Not at this time.

Gosh I need a new project!! I just need something to do to take my mind from counting seconds. I am that bored. Before I blame winter (although I was quite happy experiencing my first snow), now I blame rain. But I need to stop blaming flimsy weathers! I need to get my act down. And just start living. It would be temporary. But still it’s my life. I don’t aspire it to be exciting, I just want it to be awesome. Awesome enough not to make me feel like a retard.


I know. I know. I don’t make sense. And I jump from one thought to another. But can you really blame me? I told you before. I don’t have anyone really to talk with.