as soon as the first petal falls

It seems that as fast as cherry blossom blooms comes the dreadful raindrops. I am not a fan of rain. Least to say, rainy weather makes me lonesome. Sometimes I really do wonder when spring will really come.

Starting tomorrow I would start counting days. Days left before my real departure from this country. Don’t confuse my words, Japan has been an interesting travail. It has been so far the longest time I’ve been to a foreign country. But somehow my feelings are that I’m stuck. My mind flows from one time warp to another. But my body physically limited to this small space.

People give advise of travelling far. I would love to, really I would. There is more to be witnessed in this part of the world. I haven’t even been to Tokyo! (What a travesty! LOL!) Just imagine that. But for some reason, I cannot settle both my feet down knowing that I will leave in just a few months. My feet are itching to explore, but somehow, not this country. Not at this time.

Gosh I need a new project!! I just need something to do to take my mind from counting seconds. I am that bored. Before I blame winter (although I was quite happy experiencing my first snow), now I blame rain. But I need to stop blaming flimsy weathers! I need to get my act down. And just start living. It would be temporary. But still it’s my life. I don’t aspire it to be exciting, I just want it to be awesome. Awesome enough not to make me feel like a retard.


I know. I know. I don’t make sense. And I jump from one thought to another. But can you really blame me? I told you before. I don’t have anyone really to talk with.


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