Popin’ Cookin’: #12 of the 60 New Adventures for the Bored

I started the second task on my list of 60 New Adventures for the Bored today. With the help of my fellow bored friend, Jenna, we embarked on a journey that can be tagged as genuinely Japanese.

It is not actually a real adventure, more like venturing towards a rather ridiculous Japanese children’s past time. To make eating sweets educational and fun, an innovator created Popin’ Cookin. It is a DIY candy kit that will make Home Economics easy.

My curiosity with Popin’ Cookin’ started when one of my friend requested that I take some home during the break. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so since I read the message when I was already back here. I watched the link he gave me, and was fascinated about this miniature, candy-mixing kit. Fortunately, the supermarket near my apartment sells this brand. And it’s pretty cheap. So off I go with my partner in boredom.

Here’s a video of our grueling task:

I still recommend that you guys try this out. It is quite stressful but with the right people, it can be fun as hell!


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