Where Music meets Twitter: Say No to Nuclear Energy!

With the royal wedding and now Osama Bin Laden’s death, everyone seem to forget the radiation problems in Fukushima. Before, I decided not to talk about this issue because of one reason. I don’t want to be more paranoid that I’m already am.

However, when I visited Kobe last Friday, I was greeted by a musical protest of Japanese people saying no to nuclear. It is a big issue in Japan, although majority of the population would rather keep quiet as a large portion of their energy comes from nuclear power. Still, there is a minority voicing their distress, not only because of what happened during the March tsunami but because they know that there are other safer and cleaner options out there.

This particular creative protest is just one of the many gatherings happening around Japan. Musicians, activists and general public are coming together. As a nation, they are not only trying to survive the tremors of the earthquake and tsunami, but they are trying to find right alternatives for their problems.

We can help them!

Internationally, Greenpeace is “carrying out crucial radiation monitoring” within Japan’s 12 mile territorial waters. It is part of their initiative to conduct independent monitoring, sharing expertise on the issue. However, the Japanese government is “blocking” this initiative. To be part of the movement, Greenpeace is asking for your help. Tweet Japan’s Prime Minister to allow independent marine radiation monitoring.


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