Akash and Jamaicana: #4 of 60 New Adventures for the Bored

Everything is generally expensive in Japan. It includes dining out in fancy restaurants. General rule of thumb for international students is to stick with inexpensive restaurants or household cooking. Of course there is always an exemption of the rule. Especially if you don’t do it everyday. So for two random days, I decided to eat out and just try international cuisine.

First stop is Restaurant Jamaicana in Kobe-shi. It is owned by a true blue Jamaican musician married to a Japanese woman. The ambiance is pretty homey, with little taste of Jamaican art and of course, Bob Marley. I went there with two friends, one Japanese and one Malaysian. House specialty is Chicken Jerky. Oishii! The host is quite entertaining, sharing his history of global knowledge while performing in high-ends bars all over the world.  Luckily, since we were the first customers, he gave us free orange juice. Yay! My Japanese friend feeling a bit generous, treated us!

Signboard along the pedestrian walk

Sauce for the house specialty, all the way from Jamaica

Chicken Jerky is ❤

Next stop, Akash. This Indian restaurant is just two blocks away from our apartment. Walking along the streets, you can already smell the delicious curry. It a small cozy restaurant, beneath a traditional pub. We went around 8pm and found the place packed. We have to wait to be seated. Sound system is playing mixed of Bollywood music and JPop. The walls are plastered with psychedelic posters of Hindu gods. Smell of spices around. Price ranges from 500 yen to 3,000 yen. We decided to order a set somewhere in the middle. The food was heavenly. From the samosa, salad, hot plate chicken, nan and Chai tea! (We forgot to bring a camera so here is one from my friend’s Iphone)

Humongous Nan!


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