Nara-Koen: #6 of New Adventures for the Bored

One Saturday morning, with the Filipino team (Lol!), we decided to travel one and a half hour by Hankyu and JR train to Nara-koen. Nara-Koen located in Nara City of Nara Prefecture (Hahahaha) is a public park home to thousands of free roaming Sika deers. Sika deers are said to be messengers of God according to Shinto beliefs. Beautiful from afar but pretty nasty medium-size creatures I might say if you happen to encounter one.

Luckily (or not), we got ourselves a free tour guide from the tourist information center in Nara Station (JR Line). If you happen to put Nara in your itinerary, I would advice you to inquire about this free tour guide service. Although at the bottom end of the brochure it says “accepts donations”, still it will be worth your time. Our guide, Tomoko-san, is fluent in English. She is after all a teacher in a junior high school. She was able to supply necessary historical facts and was patient enough to guide 4 Filipinos (with no plans) to various places around the park as well.

Just a trivia, in Hyogo Prefecture, Sika deers are considered a pest. They are overpopulated and tend to destroy forests. Hyogo Prefectural Government is devising a plan to “exterminate” some of them. To keep the balance of nature I supposed. It is only in Nara Prefecture that Sika deers are protected. 


Rickshaw  guys have hot legs… LOL!

Waiting to be fed…

Oh, just strolling around… humdumrumdrum…

Ariel: Here you go fella

Ariel: Stop following me! One is enough! (Well, well, one is never enough for these guys)

Monk: (whispers) please stop giving me crackers!

Sika deer 1 (on the right): What are you doing?… Sika deer 2 (on the left): the girl just blew some nasty stuff!

Sika deer: all I want to be is a monument

pondering about life in the park… humdumrumdrum…

short cut to the garden

The scene…

… the artist.

Japanese tea house

Japanese pond

the tourist…

and friends.


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