♫ I feel pretty ♫ Oh so pretty ♫

Yesterday, we had our first yukata experience. Yukata, although literally means bathing clothes, is the Japanese summer kimono. We were fortunate to get a slot in Nishinomiya City International Association‘s Yukata day. For only ¥300, we were able to don a beautiful summer kimono and experienced a simple tea ceremony.

The dressing part is quite excruciating. Of course, that’s an exaggeration. Although having someone tagged an obi (belt) around my waist was really, how to say? Well, let’s just say I have to breathe in a lot. Lol. But the lady who helped me get dress was really nice, I was trying to help her but she insisted that it’s daijobou (okay). Having zero knowledge on how to do it, I just let her be. I get to experience wearing geta  (Japanese wooden slippers) as well. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

Excited. Lol.

Look closely at my face while she’s doing my obi and bow. Lol.

Pretty bow.

With my yukata sensei

Hahahaha. I look so… unlike me.

Just showing my pretty bow… and butt :p

Macha and Okashi

With my pretty friends 😀

Our true colors… 😀


June’s Photo Dump

June is not my month. Well, in terms of stress factor, it is definitely the month where Universe decided to dump all bad vibes at the same time. So I decided to dump photos back to tell Universe that despite all of that, June had been pretty good to me.

My friend, Anna, decided to transit from Tokyo to Kansai before leaving Japan. I picked her up from Kobe Airport (where I took the wrong train) and spent the night in my apartment. We had almost a day leisurely walking around the city the next day. Mostly doing last minute souvenir shopping for her to take home. It was a bit surreal but I was happy to have my first visitor.

I saw an elephant peeking in the window. This is just along the pathway from the station to Nishinomiya Gardens. The purple elephant really caught passerby’s attention. 

This is at JR Station in Sannomiya. We just realized we haven’t taken photos for such a long time and decided to camwhore a bit.

Unexpected welcome party near Shin-Nagata station. First time to see a giant robot. 

Photo-op with the giant

I don’t really understand what the sign is saying but this is somewhere in Nagata where they serve Asian food. The gluttons that we are, of course, it’s a must visit.

Lol. My friend Katsuya, with mouth full. 

Baby girl in the group holding a can of beer. I’m so proud of you :p

Me with my Singha.

Fruit Cocktail! Yum! Ogawa-san’s wife taught us how to make umeboshi (pickled plum). And as always, they feed as like crazy. This is just dessert. No photos of gohan, miso soup, yasai and pan.

Ainul with her Hydrangeas from Ogawa-san’s garden

Hydrangeas around the school. Not yet in full bloom.