Tokyo Drift: Shin-Osaka/Tokyo in 2 days

The Tokyo trip was short. It was not for fun to begin with. It was school. We went there to visit Ministry of Environment, House Food Corporation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA. It was more like a courtesy visit to these organizations who have been supporting our programme here in Japan. Our schedule was quite loose so we were able to squeeze in Disneyland (free tickets!), Emperor’s Palace, Sky Tree, Senso-ji and Ginza.

There was lots of walking involved. Japanese loves walking. Various train rides through Tokyo Metro (drained my allowance here). And of course, camwhoring.

The highlight of the trip (besides being in Tokyo) is riding the famous shinkansen. More specifically, riding the Nozomi line! Nozomi is the fastest train service in Japan. One way ticket costs around 14,000 yen, roughly $180 or 7500 Php! It’s almost the same price as plane tickets, the only difference is, this takes you to the main city.

Shinkansen was so amazing. There was big legroom, same as business class! Recline seats! Come on! There’s also a smoking area, vending machine, plane-like toilets and sockets! In short, it was very very comfortable. The only minus to it is that lights are on the whole train ride. Maybe I can suggest plane-like individual lamps? LOL.

However, I don’t suggest Shinkansen for backpackers. Too pricey. But if you have the budget and wished to visit Kanto area and Kansai area. Then Shinkansen is the most convenient way to travel. It took us 3 hours from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo. You can also avail 5-day JR tickets. But for us residing here, that option is not available. JP Pass is only available for tourists. Although we are “tourists”, we don’t have the same amenities. Boo!

We weren’t able to visit the most famous sights in Tokyo like Akihabara, Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya. [Ooops, I forgot! I saw Tokyo Tower from afar. LOL.] But those two days were for me enough. I don’t have the money to travel back that’s why. :p Meals and train rides alone were expensive. Dang! But it was fun. I had fun with my classmates. At least we can already cross out Tokyo in our itinerary. Our one year is almost up! 2 months to go!

So what’s next? MT. FUJI!!!!!


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