one of those moments

I’m going back home in less than a month. I am not sure though what exactly I should be feeling about it. Anxious? Excited? I just know that my time in Japan is up and I should be making the best out of it. But why am I stuck inside my room? I have my September all planned out. But looking at my calendar, it seems empty. Been inside the house for four days, can’t wait to get out. Haissssh.

I should be excited right? I’m going to Solomon Islands next month. Will spend some quality time with my long distance boyfriend. Why do I feel crappy? Damn you randomness! I am a bit excited, I worked hard to get all visas necessary to go there. I exerted so much effort in making our relationship work. He did the same. We tried to make contact as much as possible. We will make it work right? Patience Joan, 2012 is the year. Focus on your timeline, and try to achieve those milestones. Haisssh.

Anyhow. This is how my last week of August looked like.


Last week of August well spent in Aomori Prefecture. Thank you for free field trips 🙂 Saw a lot of amazing things, did lots of traditional crafts, met a lot of interesting people. And I almost forgot, ate tons of apples, melons, honeydew and watermelons! Yay!



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